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Advantages and Disadvantages of Treating Opioid Addiction with suboxone

There is a high number of persons that are struggling with drug addiction. The situation is worse in certain places because there is a drug epidemic. The work thing about all that is that the number of treatment centers for people with addiction is really low. If you are close to anyone that is addicted to drugs and he or she is in therapy, then you should have heard of a drug that is called suboxone. The main use of suboxone is in treating drug addiction. Not everyone is happy about using suboxone. The reason that this is happening is that there are some disadvantages to the use of suboxone. In this site, you will get the main pros and cons to using suboxone in opioid addiction treatment, which you can use to discover more on the issue.

The high effectiveness of suboxone is what makes it advantageous. However, this result can only be obtained when it is used together with other medications. The downside is that when it is used alone, it will not be very effective. The ideal way to use suboxone is to also go to therapy and support groups if you want the full results of suboxone.

If opioid addicts stop using the drugs that they are addicted to they are going to experience some harsh withdrawal symptoms. When you look at data from studies of patients that use suboxone, its use has helped to manage and reduce the withdrawal symptoms being experienced. When one is able to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, then he or she will have a higher chance of not relapsing. This will help the addicts to focus on many other treatment options since the cravings will be dealt with. The price of suboxone is also fairly affordable to a wide range of people. This means that is accessible to the many people that need it.

One demerit that has been observed very keenly is that continuous use of suboxone can easily lead to additional addiction. The moment suboxone is used alone, it has been shown that it ends up acting as the substitute addictive substance. This is why most of the patients using suboxone end up abusing the suboxone prescription they get. Due to this, the only acceptable way for using suboxone is when it is simply assisting other therapy methods. There have also been reports that suboxone causes insomnia. This can then lead to extreme tiredness and fatigue. These 2 conditions are very good ingredients in pushing the patients back into addiction. There are those patients that have had stomach upsets from using suboxone which led to nausea and vomiting.

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